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Basketball Offical Rules

From Picking up the Ball to Champtionship Plays

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The Rules

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How to Play

We have everything you will need from the basics of Picking the Ball up to Official Rules and Championship Plays and Drills.

Dont know where to start? Begin by visiting the Basic Rules page that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to learn how to play for the first time.

Basketball Beginner with Basketball

What is it about?

The sport is fundamentally about physical fitness and skill along with the mentality to practise, develop and succeed. Like anything, the more you practise, the better you become.

However, along the way to increase the speed in which you improve, it is advisable to practise using set Techniques and Drills.

These exercises will help you realise your true potential for which of the many Positions you are most suited to on a team and then you should focus on training for that particular team role.

For example circuit training for power forwards to increase vertical jump height or ball control exercises for the point guard who handles the ball the most when driving across court.

Basketball Pass

The NBA is home to the world's best players and to gain a better understanding of the standards these players work to, be sure to check out the Official Rules from the NBA. This will broaden your knowledge and maybe increase the chances of making it into your local club or high schools first team.

During Practise or if your just playing 3 on 3 on your Local Court and someone shouts a term you don't know, check out our on-line Dictionary of Terminology so you know for next time.

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