Upcoming Content at Sporting Central

Welcome to Sporting-Centrals Upcoming Content page where we show you the grand plan sporting Central has to offer as well as when you can expect it to start happening. We are committed to providing you with the best information and most relevant up to date content and this page will tell you what that will be.

The Greater picture for us at Sporting-Central is to create a community focused on you! You can focus on your sport in all areas including the pages already up on the site and in the future means of contacting other people in your field in regards to clubs, coaching, player profiles, advertising of clubs and coaching, forums, community news and events, National and international regular sporting news and an increase of course in our sporting facilities finder which is under a special development as we speak in order to make it simpler and faster for everyone to use, enjoy and benefit.

Thank you for your support so far as we enter November as our 7th Month on-line.

Below is some content you can expect to hit Sporting-Central in the coming months.

La Crosse

Booming in popularity, La Crosse is a fun fast paced game in which players use racquet style instruments to catch the ball and score goals in small football style goal nets. While this section is under development on Sporting Central you can find everything you need for LA Crosse with our friends over at www.simplylacrosse.com by clicking here!

American Football

With our Own expert Chris Perry, the american football content is fast under development with its release scheduled before start of the Christmas holidays. Bookmark our news page to hear about its release and other Sporting-Central Content and Sports News.


The Football Section already has started off with a Rules section soon to be expanded with a drills section and of course places to play that are not just your local park. Also including links to quality sites of interest as well. Stay Tuned.


The Tennis Section is nearly complete, the drills section is still being devised but is soon to be released as our expert Zoe Bailey helps finish off the facts and figures to also give you a run down on the history of the sport. Watch out.