Basketball Positions

What are the positions in a basketball team?

The 5 Basketball Positions that make up a team in a game are:

-2 Forwards
1 Forward
1 Power Forward

-2 Guards
1 Shooting Guard
1 Point Guard

-1 Centre

The Forwards

When it comes to basketball positions or the team roles the Forwards in a team are usually the tallest players except for the centre. They usually are around 6ft 9+ and are generally just called the two forwards. But one forward is usually faster and bigger who drives more for the basket and they area called the power forwards.

Examples of Forwards
Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics

Height: 6ft 11 / 2M 11
Weight: 253 lbs. / 114,8 kg.

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics is known as a Power forward because of his height and weight. This makes it very easy for him to drive forward through the defence and take easy slam dunks and 2 point shots around the key. He is a good defensive player to have near his own basket to block shots, dunks and layups from the opposite team.

Examples of Forwards

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Height: 6ft 8 / 2M 03
Weight: 250 lbs. / 113,4 kg.

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers may not be as tall as Kevin Garnett but he is a simular weight which gives him a different role as a forward. He can drive through using his strength and can layup, dunk and shoot 2 pointers. Some would describe him as a perfect Forward. However as a defender he wouldnt be put near the basket as he is only 6ft 8 and players like Kevin Garnett can easily dunk over him without any problem. So Players like Lebron James would be put at the front of the Key when defending.

The Guards

The Guards in a Basketball Team usually are the ones that take the ball when the team start the offensive attack. Be it from a pass off the forwards from their own basket or if they are bringing the ball down the court after a basket is scored; they are usually the players who initiate the set plays laid down by the team coach. Guards are more often than not smaller than the rest of the team as this gives them the speed to get the ball across the court. Guards can be distinguished as either a shooting guard, or a point guard.

Examples of a shooting Guard

Kobe Bryant of LA Lakers
Height: 6ft 6 / 1M 98
Weight: 205 lbs. / 93,0 kg.

At this height and weight, Kobe Bryant is a small lean player who the team relies upon to score the majority of the points. Basketball Positions and names are given to players however, shooting Guards-particularly Kobe Bryant, can also swap between roles as shooting or point guard, these players are called Combo Guards. Kobe Bryant can take the ball to the basket but can be the play maker as well which makes him a great all round forward. When Defending Kobe is usually at the front of the key ready to steal the ball to drive up court.

Examples of a point Guard

Steve Nash (Former) of the Phoenix Suns

Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)Weight 178 lb (81 kg)

A Point Guard should be able to assess the situation and call a set pre-rehearsed play. But should also be able to pass better than any other play on the team.Steve Nash had everything a point guard ever aspired to. His height made him just average for a guard and his light weight gave him the speed to run down court and make incredible assists to the forwards.

The Centres (or Centers)

Centres are usually the tallest players on a Basketball team. Basketball Positions usually refer to a specific role that a player must stick to. Out of all the positions, the centre is the most variable. Besides being used at tip off at the start of the game, a centre should be good at catching rebounds off the forwards offensively and helping the defence with techniques such as blocking any layups for example.

Example of a centre

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic

Height: 6ft 11 / 2M 11
Weight: 265 lbs. / 120,2 kg.

Dwight Howard of Orlando Magic has the height and the weight of a forward but his vertical jump height is what makes him ideal for a centre. As a centre and with his huge vertical jump, he can block extremely well. Another advantage of being so tall with a huge jump is to drive through the defence and take big dunks which is what Dwight "Superman" Howard is famous for. See the video below on how Dwight Howard meets the requirements of being able to block, dunk and be an all round great base line player and to an incredible standard.

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