Boston Celtics: NBA East Coast Favourites for start of season

{18th July 2009 18:34 GMT}
Journalist: Anthony Januszewski

Boston Celtics Confidence rockets as they are given best projections for start of season

The NBA East Coast Breakdown shows early projections heading towards the Celtics' Favour. Finishing in a disappointing position in the 2008/2009 Playoffs the Celtics look back on form with recovered Forward Kevin Garnett and the veteran forward on the block Rasheed Wallace who has just signed a 2 year contract with the Celtics.

With "The Big Ticket" Garnett back, the big three, Ray Allen, Paul Piece and of course KG the team have the moral and pride they had over a year ago when taking the 2007/2008 Championships and with the attitude they have at the moment are looking good to a 2010 Championship and raising banner 18.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been given permission to test the market as a restricted free agent but is not breaking any confidence the celtics have built up ready for their first game of the east conference.

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