Basketball Dunk

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The Basketball Dunk: How to Dunk a Basketball


How can I increase my vertical Jump?

- What is the secret to a bigger vertical jump? What secret technique can I use that all the stars use for an amazing basketball dunk? To be Honest you will see this on adverts plastered all over the internet. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways you can do this without secret techniques. There is no real secret that the adverts all over the internet are hiding from you. It is to simply work on the dunk itself. Practise dunking. Practise jumping. Practise hitting the Rim. Did I mention Practise? Because Practise DOES make perfect. When you do all of these things, the muscles in your Upper leg are used. This over time will increase the strength both mentally and physically of your technique. Other Exercises that help these Muscles include Running with ankle weights and Riding a Bike.


The Dunk- To perform a Dunk you must first decide if you prefer to dunk:
-One Handed or
-Both Handed

To do this, attempt a dunk and see what you do more naturally. It is best to learn how to dunk with one hand first as it is easier but don't limit yourself to just one hand. A two handed dunk will increase the chance of the ball going through the basket.

If you are dunking with one hand then you dunk with your primary hand. Then when you run up to dunk make sure you start with a distance of around 4-5 feet away from the rim and launch off the opposite foot. (Left foot for right handed dunks and right foot for left handed dunks). Use your other hand and arm to balance yourself whilst airborne.


The Ball keeps flying over the rim?-

When you try to dunk don't forget what you are trying to do. The ball is going up and then down. In an upside-down U shape. Don't try to hold onto the Rim at first, because this is the reason that the ball flies over the rim. Concentrate on getting the ball up and down as quickly as you can. Don't hold on just let your fingertips and hand wipe off the rim and you will find sinking the ball a lot easier.


To Lay up or Dunk?

- During Practise this really isn't an issue as you don't have pressure to make a decision on the spot. However during a Game you will have to choose whether or not you can dunk it or lay it up. Dunking the ball is definitely more risky but if executed correctly is a safer guarantee that the ball will go in. If you have the space and no defenders around you then dunking will be easier as you have the space and time to concentrate more on getting that lift.

Need somewhere to practise your basketball dunk on a decent rim? Serach for your nearest court here!